Charging station, model G (UGV-A29AG-O7T22-R)

Charging station, model G (UGV-A29AG-O7T22-R)



EV Charging stations UGV Chargers from the Ukrainian manufacturer INFOCOM LTD. Charging stations for both home and commercial use. Commercial use of UGV Chargers charging stations is possible through connection to the software service via the OCPP protocol in any network. UGV Chargers is the operator of the EV charging stations network to which you can connect your station.
1. Wide range of charging stations
2. Supports OCPP platform for remote commercial use
3. Vandal-proof performance
4. RFID card support
5. Equipping with a video camera (additional option)
6. Value for money

Product or component type: charging station
Rated power: from 7 to 22 kW
Rated voltage: 220 to 380 V
Current strength: 32 A
Single phase current: 50/60 Hz
Installation: wall and floor

NFC / RFID Card Reader: Built-in (for authorization)
Communication: Ethernet / WiFi
3G / 4G connectivity: optional
Leakage current protection: optional
LED indication of station operation modes
Case: steel, IP54, vandal resistant
Weight: 60KG
IP degree of protection: IP54 conforming to IEC 60529
IK protection: IK10 conforming to IEC 62262
Ambient air temperature for operation: -30 – 50°C
Ambient air temperature for storage: -40 – 80°C
Relative humidity: 5 – 95%.

UGV Chargers recommends its own development of software service for remote commercial use.

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